The E195-E2 is Born!

Embraer welcomed the newest member of its E-Jets E2 family today at a roll-out ceremony at the company’s São José dos Campos facility. The first E195-E2 made its debut to a crowd of some 7,000 employees and company executives.

The crowd cheered as the doors of hangar F300 opened and Embraer’s largest commercial jet emerged shortly after noon. The E195-E2 is the second of three new-generation E-Jets E2s. It has three more rows of seats compared to the current E195 and can accommodate up to 146 passengers in high-density, single-class configuration.

The ceremony paid tribute to the many men and women who work on the E195-E2 program.  Mr. Luis Carlos Affonso, Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Mauro Kern, Executive Vice President, Operations, recognized the contributions of ten employees who helped produce the first aircraft.  The ten were unaware that they were to receive any special distinction until they saw their faces and names on the giant screen at the side of the hangar. Each were called to the stage and presented with commemorative gifts.

Paulo Cesar, President of Embraer, and John Slattery, President of Commercial Aviation, addressed the audience before the E195-E2 was officially welcomed with a traditional dousing of champagne.  You can see highlights of the ceremony at

The E195-E2 will deliver up to 20% lower cost per trip compared to aircraft of similar size.  In addition to the high-density configuration, the E-Jet’s most popular arrangement will likely feature 120 seats in two classes.  The E195-E2 has 800 km (450 nm) more range than its predecessor so that it can fly up to 4,500 km (2,450 nm) nonstop.

Two E195-E2s will be used in the certification campaign. One prototype for aerodynamic testing and the other to validate maintenance tasks and the interior.

The first flight is scheduled in the second half of this year. The first customer delivery is on target for 2019.